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ALEJANDRO SERRAVALLE Argentine musician, composer and music producer Declared HIGHLIGHTED PERSONALITY OF CULTURE in his country, has shared stages with prominent musicians such as Víctor Wooten, Mike Stern, Tony Levin, Chucho Valdés, Larry Carlton, Dave Weckl and integrated the stable band of LUIS SALINAS, together with Javier Lozano and Jota Morelli.


He has 8 own albums released and has participated in more than 40 productions recording with, among others, Jorge Calandrelli, Ed Calle, Pipi Piazzolla, Alex Acuña and other important world-class artists.


ALEJANDRO SERRAVALLE was invited as Cultural Ambassador, to represent his country, in different International Jazz Festivals in countries such as Paraguay, Cuba and the USA, among others.


He was the only Argentine artist to be selected and convened by the Vatican organization to play, together with the Symphony and the Philharmonic, at the reception of the Supreme Pontiff, POPE FRANCIS, on his official visit to Asunción.


SERRAVALLE is considered and recognized for being the first and only bassist in the world to have recorded the music of ASTOR PIAZZOLLA putting the electric bass as the protagonist in his melodic and rhythmic line with the participation of drummer Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla.


Two international brands: DI MARZIO and GENZ BENZ selected him as their brand representative.


ALEJANDRO SERRAVALLE, with a career of more than 15 years in education, is the founder of the First Electric Bass Institute of the country, appointed by the Directorate of Artistic and Cultural Organizations: Bass School Mar del Plata


During 2019 he participated in the Opening of the Piazzola Marplatense Festival, he edited his eighth live recorded record “ALEJANDRO SERRAVALLE TRÍO: PIAZZOLLA PROJET” and is preparing the tour that will take him through Italy, Spain and France in 2020, from where he was invited to participate in different Jazz festivals and meetings in these countries

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